Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Do You Want to Recomend a Site?

I am always looking for the next site to do an installation. Suitable sites in NY are growing scarce due to a construction boom, old buildings are being renovated or destroyed, I would love to travel the world to scout locations but due to limited funds am unable to, I am looking to find sites in other cities, or countries, be it an urban or rural location. So in this day and age of digital communication I am reaching out to the whole world to an unlimited number of eyes across the world wide web to request collaboration.
So here is my Plea: Do you know of a site that could be used for an Architectural Earth Work?
What is a suitable site? see the next post "Site Requirements".

Monday, December 26, 2005

Site Requirements

There are specific conditions that need to exist for a location to be a suitable site:
For an Earth Work of Paint Rolls:
A wood plank floor that has been painted multiple times through the years.
signs of multiple paint layers include:

The lines where the floor boards lay next to each other are barely visible (look for chips here)

There ore worn spots where
multiple layers and different colors of paint are visible

There are chipped spots where multiple layers of paint are visible

For an Earth Work of Floor Rolls:
A wood plank floor that can be destroyed
These might be found:

In a building that appears abandoned

A building that is being renovated

A building that is scheduled to be demolished

If you know of, or find a site that fits any of these requirements
Contact Me.
send location and images of proposed building to info@giannasio.info

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What about a Breathing Building?

You may have noticed the breathing building on my website and are asking,
"would you be interested in a building I know about to make breathe?"

"Yes. I would. "
If you Know a building with a historic architectural nature that:

Is three or four stories tall

Has no more than three windows per floor

Is owned by a patron of the arts, or an art sympathizer, or someone just willing to have their building turned into art for a short duration.

If you are a Museum or Gallery whose facade might lend itself to breath.

Contact Me.
send location and images of proposed building to info@giannasio.info
Curators welcome.

I will consider your locating a suitable building participation in the process.

If you play a role in acquisition of a building for use I will consider this a collaboration.

Keep your eyes peeled join in the process.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank You